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Where do I begin?

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We recommend you start with a Discovery Flight. Reach out to us and schedule some time to come in and talk with us and we can answer your questions, help get acquainted with the process, discuss options, show you around our school, see our fleet of aircraft and meet our team!

It really is that easy

Types of pilot certificates and training options

A pilot license is called a ‘certificate’. There are different types of certificates based on your mission and plans to fly. If you are simply looking for a fast-track approach to flying purely for pleasure, you may consider either a Recreational/Sport Pilot License (RPL) training path which does have some regulatory limitations, but does offer a pilot the freedom of the sky for adventurers. If you are looking to expand your piloting over time whether it be for personal travel, commuting, business travel, or if you want to fly professionally as a career pilot, the journey begins with the Private Pilot License (PPL). The PPL certificate gives you more options for bigger, faster, more capable aircraft and the ability to carry more passengers in more climates and conditions. 

Depending on whether you choose Part 61 or Part 141 training options (we can help offer informative guidance on this), you can earn your Private Pilot Certificate in as little as 40 hours of flight training, although most students exceed this minimum requirement and we assert the average number of hours to be around 50 hours of total flight time. The amount of training required largely depends on you. How fast you develop new skills, and how frequent you fly will be the barometer. 

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No matter where you are on your journey, AVZ can help you achieve your next milestone. If you are looking to obtain your next rating, or certificate, we are well equipped to provide the training and support you need to complete your mission!

Career Pilot Program

AVZ is staffed with some of the most seasoned pilots, instructors and industry resources imaginable. We exist to make pilots. Our leadership team and senior staff consist of career pilots, and our network is rich with opportunity. 

Are you building time to break in to the big leagues? Are you a flight instructor or wish to become an instructor? We can structure a program that is mutually beneficial and we have accelerated many of our students in to the commercial and private airlines. 

We not only train our pilots and instructors for their next step, but we develop a career path leveraging all of our resources to advance your career. We are proud to graduate our students and instructors in to the most rewarding industry out there today. 

Let your dreams take flight!

Schedule a visit with our school and plan your discovery flight! You can take one additional person with you to experience the thrill and log your first official training entry in your complimentary pilot log book. Contact us to get started!

How much does it cost?

Private Pilot License

The first step in the privilege of commanding the freedom of the sky. The average student will invest 50 hours of flight training under Part 61 and 45 hours under Part 141 to achieve the milestone of being able to fly your own airplane and take passengers along on your journey under visual flight rules (VFR). The average cost of this training  is $9K – $11K and varies based on the individual

Instrument Rating

After you have achieved your Private Pilot License, and wish to fly higher and in the clouds under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), you can obtain your instrument rating under Part 61 with an average of 50 hours of additional training. Under Part 141 you can achieve this rating in a little as 35 additional hours of training with an average cost of $10K – $12K which can also vary based on the individual

Commercial Pilot

Pilots achieving this certificate must hold a Private Pilot License and be Instrument Rated. Commercial Pilots can get paid to fly and have opportunities in the industry for a variety of paid flight services. While you must have accumulated some flight time, the cost of the actual training component can average $18K-$22K

Certified Flight Instructor

The rewarding domain of flight instruction is one of prestige and gratification. Teaching others to fly is a privilege not taken lightly, but it comes with opportunity to advance to the airlines, and helps support the growth of general aviation. Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI) must hold a PPL, Instrument Rating and Commercial Rating and pass a series of additional tests including additional flight assessments. The cost is difficult to quantify at this level, but can be comparable to the Commercial Pilot certificate.

Excuse me… how much?

We get it. There are so many variables that writing this down and setting expectations can be challenging as well as inaccurate. Each individual is different. Here are the highlights that we can gladly expand on with a conversation and explanation that will make this all come together for you:

The more time you can commit to training and the more frequent you fly, the fewer hours you will likely need to accumulate to be ready for the final assessments, known as your checkride.

There is a lot of self-paced study involved in learning to fly. FAA written exams are part of the requirements. The more aggressive you are with studying, the faster you can achieve your goals and each individual must find their own pace.

Aptitude. There, we said it. Everyone has their own pace, style and capacity for learning. We offer the best resources, training, aircraft and support that you can find; however, this is a human condition that is unique to each individual. 

There are a number of ways to pay for flight training and we can show you how!

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