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Cessna 162 SkyCatcher

Max. speed 118 kts

Max. range 470 nm

Cost/HR $135

Full Garmin Glass That Is Easy To Fly

The Skycatcher is an absolute delight to fly. With a low panel, large windows in the doors, and struts that are behind the pilot and passenger, the visibility is fabulous. And because it is a Cessna, the handling is a delight.

The avionics system is a two panel Garmin G300 all-glass system developed especially for the SkyCatcher and even includes a full-autopilot system.

Piper Warrior PA-28-151

Max. speed 117 kts

Max. range 667 nm

Cost/HR $175

A favorite low-wing trainer

The Piper Warrior is one of the most commonly used airplanes for flight training. It is an excellent low-wing airplane with docile handling characteristics and is a joy to fly. Come take a discovery flight in the Warrior and you will be hooked on this amazing machine.

Cessna 150J

Max. speed 108 kts

Max. range 303 nm

Cost/HR $130

The legendary Cessna 150

The Cessna 150 has produced more certificated pilots than almost any other training airplane with her big sister, the Cessna 172 as the only competition. Fuel burn and cost to operate makes this one of the most affordable options for training.

Cessna 172H

Max. speed 121 kts

Max. range 515 nm

Cost/HR $165

Old and new unite!

This beautiful Cessna 172 is equipped with modern Garmin avionics and handles like a dream. The classic Cessna package retains the authenticity and legacy of the single most produced airplane in the history of aviation.

Cessna 172K

Max. speed 121 kts

Max. range 515 nm

Cost/HR $165

Classic and predictable

The Cessna 172 is the defacto standard when it comes to pilot training. The stability and handling are unmatches which is why Cessna has only changed this airplane with very minor updates in more than 50 years. Equipped with the Garmin 430 platform, this airplane has a great balance of capability while retaining the classic Cessna look and feel.

Cessna 172B

Max. speed 114 kts

Max. range 498 nm

Cost/HR $165

Reliable. Dependable. Unstoppable.

Here she is, lovingly known at our flight school as "Tweety Bird", this classic Cessna 172 model B has been the workhorse of our fleet and has stories to tell about flight training that few other aircraft can. She is a little slower than most, but when you take off, you can be certain to make your destination on schedule.

ELITE PI-135 Simulator

Cost/HR $80

ELITE PI-135 Simulator

Advanced training is available in our FAA-certified simulator. You can log simulated flight time with an instructor at your side in this very capable advanced training device. Simulate emergencies, procedures, practice your checklists and flows. It is a great addition to our arsenal of tools to offer the best possible training.

Max. speed 114 kts

Max. range 498 nm

Cost/HR $165


The New Kid On The Ramp

The latest addition to our fleet, this gorgeous 172 just wants to fly! A favorite amongst our pilots, N2890U is equipped with the standard 6-pack, along with a new Avidyne IDF-440 GPS and STOL kit. This bird is ready to take you anywhere you need to go, with comfort and reliability in mind!

Cessna 172D

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